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Syncrude is one of the largest oil sands companies in Alberta. We have a long history of responsible operations, energy innovation and a strong commitment to the environment.

About Us


Make Syncrude’s Project Falcon Turnaround your first choice

Jun 05, 2019

We’ll complete our 2019 Fall Maintenance Turnaround safely and effectively with the support of the Building Trades unions and professional skilled tradespeople. For more than 50 years, Syncrude has been one of Canada’s most trusted, stable, reliable and respected oil sands operators.

Syncrude celebrates Good Neighbours Busing Grant milestone as more than $1 million in transportation provided to Wood Buffalo-based teams and organizations in 10 years

May 28, 2019

Ten years ago today Syncrude established its Good Neighbours Busing Grant. It was intended to provide youth in the Wood Buffalo region with safe transportation to sporting events, conferences, and workshops. But 515 grants and more than a million dollars later, it’s clear the program has more to offer than a ride from point A to point B.


Sustainability Report

The sustainability report provides an overview of our performance in the areas of finance and economic contribution, stakeholder and employee engagement, community investment, health and safety, and environmental stewardship.